The Bulletin Board module is a simple feature that allows an Organization's Users to communicate over a broadcasted message.

This feature must be activated in the Organization's Admin settings

Create A New Bulletin

In order to create a Bulletin a User must have the permissions to create Bulletins.

Start by clicking on "New Post" in the Bulletin page.

Enter a title and Bulletin message in the fields.

If you want the Bulletin post to remain at the top of the Bulletin list, ahead of other Bulletins, select the "Sticky" option and pick a date for its "Sticky" expiration.

A User must have permissions to post "Sticky" Bulletins

If your Organization has multiple Regions and you would like to post the Bulletin to more than one Region, select the "Broadcast Multiple Regions" option and pick the Regions in the list.

You can attach images to the Bulletin to be displayed with the post.

When you're finished editing the Bulletin, click/select "Post".

New Bulletins will be displayed in order from most recently posted descending order. Sticky Bulletins will always be displayed at the top of the list until the date selected in the sticky option when creating.


Bulletin posts can be commented on by Users who have the permissions to comment.


A User can have different permissions associated with the Bulletin module. These permissions can be edited in the User's Profile.