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Run your security operations with THERMS

Our software gives you the tools to run a modern, efficient and successful security operations.

Web & Mobile App Access

From BOLO alerts to automatic report emailing, everything that happens on THERMS is instantly delivered to the right person. Allowing you to cut down on response times while giving you more information to make the right decisions.

  • D.A.R. & Custom Reports

    THERMS provides many tools for completing and customizing your reports. Once they are approved by a supervisor they can be instantly emailed to the client or scheduled to be send later.

  • Locations & Posts

    Quickly check all of location important details such as post orders, tasks, alerts, access logs and much more. Easily create new reports or other location specific entries from the same place.

  • Dispatch Call Center

    Dispatch caller directly registers the information on the system. Officers get notified and take action. Resolution time and details are automatically logged into THERMS for future analysis. It's all seamless and intuitive.

  • Records Management

    People, property and vehicle tracking. See all of a record details at a glance along with their history time line.

  • Schedule & Clock-In Time log

    Integrated schedule builder that allows your personal to clock in and out as well as to log in their status.

  • Client Portal

    A dedicated app just for your clients to see the latests updates on their locations.

Stand out from the competition

The Best Impression

Our custom report builder, scheduled emails and client portal make sure the information you relay to your clients is professionally presented.

Built in Efficiency

With a starting price of $25 and the many time saving features we offer, you will be cutting down costs at the same time you improve your services.

Finger on the Pulse

Using our analytics tools and search features you can be sure you will always have the most accurate information to make the important decisions.

Expert Backup

We are always one email or call away to provide assistance. We will be happy to help and are always open to new ideas that will make THERMS better.

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Now is your chance to experience THERMS! No credit card required, no commitment, get full access for the first two weeks and discover how we can help you improve your operations.

Curious about our pricing?

We base it on the amount of employees using the service. This pricing scheme enables us to offer our full package at an affordable price no matter if you are single person operation or a multi-branch organization.

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It's been a great tool for our company. I love that it files all reports in with the clients and the composer. I love the updated web platform, huge improvement! This has been a great addition to the services we provide our clients as well. They love receiving daily updates from the officers working their properties. I've already recommended it to a couple security companies we've worked with and will continue to do so.

Melissa G.
Operations Manager

I have found that this system is extremely convenient in providing a multitude of options for both users and clients. The system is very easily accessible and can be maneuvered without any problems. The multitude of functions including reports, records database, employee information as well as the other features are extremely helpful in client satisfaction.

Aaron S.
Operations Manager

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