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Add-ons are features of THERMS that can be added to the organizations account and allow security organization administrators to pick which add-ons they want to use in their THERMS account.
These modules add extra functionality and features to the App and can usually be customized with settings to accomplish certain requirements of the security operations department. Our support team is happy to help with any questions you might have regarding add-ons and functionality.
Future Feature

Some features are work in progress - we rely heavily on user engagement and up voting to prioritize what features we deliver. Please vote on your favorite features! View All Future Features

Public Dispatch Portal

A dispatch/service-request form linked to your account that can be embedded on your organization website.

Future Feature Vote On It

Patrol Routing

Organize and assign patrol routes with properties, patrol visits, and duties with intelligent map routing.

Future Feature Vote On It

Scheduling & Shifts

Schedule all of your security operations through THERMS with location schedules, guard shifts, and text msg notifications.

Future Feature Vote On It

Client Login Dashboard

Your clients and location users get access to a dashboard that provides reports and information specific to them with notification configurations.

Future Feature Vote On It

Regional Offices

Security organizations with multiple offices can compartmentalize their operations within regional THERMS accounts.

Future Feature Vote On It

QR Code / NFC tokens

Your security officers can use their cell phone or mobile device to scan QR code or NFC tag to check-in at locations.

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Add-ons and special features are available to activate and use with your organization's account. All add-ons can be added for free and used for a 30-day trial period to help with evaluation and user onboarding time.

* Check out our app roadmap and vote on features.

THERMS Features Roadmap