Are similar to a Location in the THERMS app except they are designed to provide different information. A Location is usually a client or a location that is contract for security services, typically long-term. An Assignment is geared towards Special-Events, Body-Guard or Executive Protection Assignment, or Temporary Assignment for a client.

Client Login Dashboard

Your clients and location users get access to a dashboard that provides reports and information specific to them with notification configurations.


Internal work related communication is critical for the success of your security firm's operations. There are several built in tools and features that THERMS provides the security team to communicate.

  • Bulletin Board
  • Internal Mail
  • Chat Messaging
  • Email Notifications
  • Text Message [SMS] Notifications


Log, assign, and track dispatch calls for service from properties. Guards and patrol officers can be assigned and report on activity. Create multiple types of dispatch records from “duty check-in/out” calls to “service call” requests. Assign, acknowledge, and track response times to dispatch service calls.

Guard Certificate & Permit Tracking Expiration

This feature allows users and security company admin input, track, and get an alert when a guard or security officers permit or certification is going to expire.


Every security organization has a need for procedures, duties, and responsibilities per location/site - THERMS makes this easy for management and security staff. Locations have many info and features you can turn on and off to perfectly fit your needs:

Access Log (in and out truck/visitor log)

BOLOs (Be On the Lookout)

Contracted Services


Dispatch Logs



Post Orders



The sub-locations feature enables breaking down a location into smaller areas for better management.

When organizations use the scheduling and shifts module with Locations, the “WHO’S ON DUTY” feature will quickly help dispatch, supervisors, and field operations to identify who’s working where. This feature provides the ability for guards or security officers to “check-in” and “check-out” for duty at a location or assignment. This provides all other THERMS security guard app users to see “who’s on duty” at a location.


Built in patrol features allow patrol routes to operate smooth and efficient with all the reporting and communication tools the patrol officer needs to do the job. Track vehicle check-in/out, fuel, maintenance, and mileage per vehicle. You can also group locations to specific Patrol Routes for keeping your patrol operations running smooth.

Public Dispatch Portal

A dispatch/service-request form linked to your account that can be embedded on your organization website.

QR Codes

Your security officers can use their cell phone or mobile device to scan QR code or NFC tag to check-in at locations.


Records can be created for any of the 3 “record types”, Person, Property, or Vehicle. Records can be linked, attached, and shared in THERMS for historical tracking and related incidents. Once created, records can be searched using the app's built in search engine.

Regional Offices

Security organizations with multiple offices can compartmentalize their operations within regional THERMS accounts.

Reports (D.A.R, Shift Report, Reporting)

Security Guard Reporting is built into the THERMS application. Full of features for your security guard and patrol team to report all aspects of their duties on client and company locations.

Create Custom Report Types with a drag-and-drop builder

Log Date & Time of Visits or Events

Attach Pictures and Video to Reports

Quickly Search and Link Records to a Report

Report Approval Step by Supervisors or Management

Automatically Email Reports

Dozens of built-ins

Camera Monitoring

Disciplinary Action

Equipment DLS

Fire Watch



Loss Prevention

On-Duty Injury

Special Event

Staff/Peer Evaluation

Use of Force

Vehicle Accident


Camera Activity

Disciplinary Action

Dispatch Service Call

Foot Patrol




On-Duty Injury

Retail Theft

Witness Statement

Special Task

Vehicle Patrol


A full list of your organization's employees using THERMS. Search or browse it to quickly see where they are assigned, current permissions and recent activity.

Scheduling & Shifts

Schedule all of your security operations through THERMS with location schedules, guard shifts, and text msg notifications. You can use scheduling to track GPS clock in/out as well as breaks, geo-fencing, and more!

Shift & Location Pass-Down Log

This feature provides security officers the ability to automatically generate and also edit a Pass-down Log to the next officer(s) coming on-duty at a location.