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New features and improvements added monthly to run your guard & patrol operations.


Designed to be modular, whether you want to run a fully location centric operation or using them for as little as saving their contact details, we got you covered.

  • QR / NFC Tags

    Officers can scan them with their cell phone or mobile device to check-in at locations.

  • Sub Locations

    Improve the management of big locations by quickly showing exactly where each action took place.

  • BOLOs (be on the lookout)

    Severity sorted BOLOs allow officers to always be prepared while patrolling the area.

  • Tasks

    Create and assign frequency for job duties. Looking at the completion history you can clearly see when were the tasks completed and by whom.

Locations overview

Always in the loop

From emergency contacts to contracted services, all operational aspects of the location contract can be easily accessed. Notifications improve response times and make it easy to prioritize urgent tasks.


  • Contacts

  • Files

  • Maps

  • Pass Downs

  • Post Orders

  • Services

Notifications and Logging

  • BOLOs

  • Pass Downs

  • Dispatch

Locations notifications about Dispatches, Pass Downs and BOLOs


Security guard reporting is built into the THERMS application. Full of features for your security guard and patrol team to report all aspects of their duties on client and company locations.

Not only we provide you with a carefully curated list of report types to cover the most common cases. You also get a full featured custom report builder to create the exact report you need for any given situation.

  • Events date & time logging

  • File attachments

  • Record linking and search

  • Approval step by supervisors

  • Report emailing schedule

  • Dozens of built-in report types and entries

A list of reports

Custom Report Builder

Every organization carries out their operations differently. We adapt to the way you work by providing an user friendly interface to create custom reports and customize the existing ones.

  • Build it the way you need it

    Our drag-and-drop builder will provide you the building blocks to create exactly the report entry you need. You can even add internal notes for your personal that won't be seen in the final report your clients receive.

  • Completely Modular

    Combine any number of report entries to create the perfect report for every situation. Need to have a foot patrol report with tag scans and incident reporting? You got it! A new route requires to watch over a store? Add the retail theft entry to foot patrol and you are ready to go.

A Custom report entry created with different input types


Get an bird's eye view of the situation. Know where your team members are and where alerts are taking place.

  • Region Map

    Quickly see where the action is. Use our filtering tools to see exactly what's the status on a specific kind of incident.

  • Geo Fence

    Know when your security officers arrive and leave a Location.

  • Position Snapshots

    See where your team was in any given time frame.

GPS overview detailing a locations perimeter, currently pending assignments and a user information card

Geo Tracking

Keep your team accountable with Geo Tracking. With it, you can easily see the position history of any user, where they were, how did they get there and where did they go.

  • Breadcrumbs

    See GPS breadcrumbs for your security officers while they're on-duty.

  • GPS Tagged Reports

    Optionally require GPS tags in your security officer's Report Entries.

User GPS breadcrumbs trail


A powerful feature that allows your organization to keep track of any desired person, property or vehicle.
Wondering if the suspect is a repeated offender? Want to know how many times has that car been towed? Records enable you to get the answer in just a few seconds while patrolling on the field.

  • Link them anywhere

    Once created they can be linked to practically any type of entry, allowing officers to quickly check it's history and past incidents.

  • Powerful and fast lookup

    An advanced search engine allows users to quickly search the entire record database, it features many filtering options and parameters.

Vehicle records list

Dispatch Calls Integration

Our robust dispatch module will empower your staff to easily handle any dispatch call. Real time information relay and transparency in each resolution step ensure dispatch calls are efficiently handled.

  • Log

    Either by adding our dispatch request form to your website or using dedicated dispatchers, the dispatch is created directly in the system ready to be acted upon.

  • Assign

    Either directly assign a service call to an officer or leave it open for the first available unit to pick it up.

  • Track

    Automatic calculation of resolution and step times, notifications about current service call status.

Dispatches list with an urgent action in front


Internal work related communication is critical for the success of your security firm's operations. There are several built in tools and features that THERMS provides the security team to communicate.

  • Bulletin Board

  • Internal Mail

  • Chat Messaging

  • Email Notifications

  • Text Message (SMS)

Blog announcement post, new email and new chat message

And Much More...

  • Assignments

    Similar to Locations except they are designed to provide different information. Geared towards special events, bodyguard, executive protection or temporary assignments for a client.

  • Guard Certificate & Permit Expiration Tracking

    Allows users and security company admin input, track, and get an alert when a guard or security officers permit or certification is going to expire.

  • Regional Offices

    Security organizations with multiple offices can compartmentalize their operations within regional accounts.

  • Roster

    A full list of your organization's employees using THERMS. Search or browse it to quickly see where they are assigned, current permissions and recent activity.

  • Patrol

    Operate smooth and efficient with all the reporting and communication tools the patrol officer needs to do the job. Track vehicle check-in/out, fuel, maintenance, and mileage per vehicle. You can also group locations to specific Patrol Routes for keeping your patrol operations running smooth.

  • Scheduling & Shifts

    Schedule all of your security operations through THERMS with location schedules, guard shifts, and text msg notifications. You can use scheduling to track GPS clock in/out as well as breaks, geo-fencing, and more!

Client Portal

A stand-alone app where your clients can log in to check out all relevant events for their locations. Taking information delivery to a whole new level, your subscribers can interact with their locations and get live updates about them. From the start you are in full control about the information your organization shares, you can choose which of your clients gets a Portal account, the locations they can see and even the entries that will show on it.

Different panels of the client portal app showcased

Mobile App

Optimized for officers working on the field. The streamlined interface allows officers to quickly navigate their daily tasks. Reports, dispatch, records are one swipe away. Easily scan QR tags and take full advantage of GPS for geo-fencing and geo-tagging report entries.

THERMS mobile app showcase

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