Frequently asked questions

What does THERMS stand for?

The Report Management System - a not so clever acronym that is pronounced Thurms.

Who is THERMS software designed for?

Our software is designed for private security guard, patrol & special event teams. Private investigators also can benefit from the rich reporting features and case management abilities.

What is the recommended way to migrate from another software?

We have many customers who have switched to THERMS from other competitor software - The strategy that seems to work the best in these situations where your operations is running on and your staff are comfortable with the old system is to incrementally move to THERMS.

  1. Make sure you management and supervisors are familiar with THERMS by creating and testing out features with a “Location” in your account named something similar to “Training Location”.
  2. Pick a handful of your field managers/supervisors who work regular shifts and have them be the first wave of User’s in your team to use THERMS for shift work so that they can become the go-to experts for the rest of your staff.
  3. If you have patrol and static guard divisions, you might want to incrementally on-board your static guard shifts for 1 week then following the small learning curve, switch your patrol division over to using THERMS for shift work (or visa versa, patrol first then static guards).
Is there a recommended setup or proven strategy for moving my operations to THERMS software?

Yes, we have worked with hundreds of companies from all over the world and each has slightly different S.O.P., requirements and operations styles. Anyone from the THERMS team will be happy to discuss different strategies with you and your team, you can schedule a call.

How much do security patrol services cost?

We offer a free no-credit-card-required 14 day trial to evaluation and explore our software. After your 14 day trial period you will add your billing information in the Admin > Subscription section to activate your subscription. You will be charged based on the number of active Users in your organization’s account. You can visit our pricing page for more information.

How often should a security officer do patrols?

Security officers should conduct patrols regularly, typically at an interval of 30 minutes to 2 hours. It depends on the size and layout of the area they are patrolling.

What are the duties of patrolling?

The typical duties of a patrol are monitoring, securing, and ensuring the safety of a designated area by conducting regular inspections, quickly detecting unusual activities, and responding to incidents promptly.

What is foot patrol in security?

In security, foot patrol means the practice of guards walking around an area, monitoring and looking for signals of suspicious activity or prospective security breaches.

Who do I contact when I have questions or need help?

The THERMS team is quick to respond to support requests and questions. You can reach out to us via the Contact Us page.