Operating with a security guard system isn't optional for modern security companies and this is to their benefit. Advanced technologies and modern security systems have got a number of neat upgrades that clients want in order to gain faith in the security guard companies. If you don't keep yourself updated, your commercial security system may be outdated. How can you know for sure?

The decision to upgrade is a critical one. Not only can it cost your business additional money, it can make or break the efficiency of your entire team.

This guide will find a list of signs that tell you that it is time to change your security guard management system. But before that, let's quickly understand what a security guard system is.

What Is A Security Guard System?

A security guard system is a system that helps security guard companies monitor their guards and strengthen their security control systems. Using such systems most states have been able to ensure their compliance with the federal laws to protect and secure people's lives.

What Are The Benefits Of Security Guard Systems?

When you upgrade your security guard system you will reap the following benefits:

  1. It provides real-time monitoring services.
  2. It establishes one platform where everyone can interact, including the security guards, field supervisors, and clients.
  3. Clients can share their feedback on mobile apps.
  4. Better management of data.

5 Signs That You Need To Upgrade Your Security System Immediately


Just like your smartphone, your security system needs to be upgraded with time too. There may be features and functions that become redundant with time. Hence, it may affect your core business operations and pose new challenges or risks beyond your control.

Here are five signs that tell that you need to upgrade your security system immediately.

Frequent breakdown of security systems

If the security guards and clients are experiencing frequent breakdowns, then it's time for you to upgrade your existing system. By frequent breakdowns, we mean-

  • The users are logged out of the mobile phone automatically.
  • The authorized users are rejected to visit the website or access their data and are frequently asked to verify their details.
  • Crashing of software resulting in downtime of business.
  • Error messages are sent to employees and customers.
  • The alarm doesn't work properly. For instance, it doesn't respond when it should and raises false alarms when your relatives or friends walk into your property unannounced.
  • Security cameras fail to work.
  1. Inability to integrate new technology and features-

If your existing security system doesn't offer any integration with advanced security features, then it's time for you to upgrade the security system.

Modern problems need modern security measures and as new technology keeps popping up, you need to integrate that into your system to effectively monitor guards on-site, provide site-specific training on mobile devices, and so on.

New systems allow integration with your video surveillance system, fire detection system, tracking visitors, and sealing entry doors and exit doors in case an intruder walks in, etc.

Through integration, you can offer better residential and commercial security services to clients.

Lack of remote access-

If your existing security systems don't offer remote access, then you need to upgrade the security system right away.

Most of us are busy with our work, and no one has time to keep visiting home or commercial sites to check if everything is fine. Also, the security guard contractor or employees forget the keycard to enter the premises. Hence, remote access is very important.

We mean that one can control the commercial security system through a mobile device by remote access. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Suspicious activity at the site can be detected and raise real-time alerts.
  • The alarm can be armed and disarmed through mobile when relatives are about to come to your home.
  • Live videos can be watched on the site to see who is coming and going

Thus, remote supervisory systems are very crucial to strengthening security services.

Inability to track real-time data-

If your existing security doesn't enable you to track real-time data, it's time to upgrade your security system.

Realtime monitoring helps a security company monitor its guards, contact or send a request to visit the client property in case of theft and see check-in and check-out times. Live dashboards are a must to access all the real-time data. Real-time data helps you to respond quickly in case of an emergency. You can perform inspections to see how well the guards are doing their duties. It's a good way to get guards audited.

It doesn't offer segmented data-

A security guard system that doesn't offer segmented data is of no use. Your security system should be capable of monitoring every employee separately instead of as one whole. This makes it easier to hold security guards accountable for their job.

How can Security Guard systems be used to improve security guard services?

Security guards are the core pillars of a security company. A security guard service not just depends on how they're being trained, where the training occurred, who trained them, and the kind of training provided to them, but it also depends on whether you were able to ensure checks and balances while they were on duty.

Security guards need to be tested, and an initial interview before they join in can be of great help. If you don't find a good fit for the service, you can find a different guard.

A security guard system can help a contractor understand whether the guards are equipped with the right skills to perform their duties. Since employees are constantly watched by their officials, the former carry out their work more seriously and pay attention to their job.

The data collected from the security guard system's live board can be used to improve security guard services and reduce guard attrition. For instance, this supervision system can be used for security audits and collecting tenant feedback. One can gauge the performance of the guards i.e., see whether the guards are able to properly utilize the skills learned by them during their training period.


Security guard systems are essential for modern security companies to get an edge over their competitors. If you want to optimize your security operations, then you need to upgrade your security guard system as well. It establishes transparency, accountability, and credibility. It offers solutions that make the life of guards, contractors, and companies easier.