Our THERMS integrated Scheduling module has been added to the dashboard. This is an early preview for those who are interested in moving their scheduling for operations and shifts in THERMS.  You can turn this module on in the Admin > Modules page.

The features are very basic at this time and will be greatly enhanced over the coming weeks. The current list of features offers:

  • Building a weekly schedule for Location & Patrol Route shifts
  • Assigning shifts and positions
  • Editing and publishing schedule changes
  • Clock-in/out of shifts
  • Viewing who's On-Duty

What to expect in the upcoming weeks:

  • Additional functions for building your weekly schedule such as copying a previous weeks schedule as a template
  • Email/Text notifications of shifts and reminders
  • User's can confirm their assigned shifts
  • GPS/Geo-Fencing for clocking-in on shifts
  • The ability to clock-in without an assigned shift
  • Exporting time logs (clock-in/out & breaks) for payroll & administrative purposes
  • Employee availability for building schedules

As always, we rely on your feedback and recommendations to improve the software to meet the demands of your team. Please email support@therms.io if you have any questions or comments.