Managing security guards remotely using a security guard management software can help you become more productive. Since the advent of COVID 19, the number of security companies using employee management software to manage their security services remotely has increased.

Businesses are employing security guard software for remote monitoring and virtual guarding. Let us find out more about this remote guarding and management technology and how it can enable you to manage your team efficiently from anywhere.

What is security guard software?

Security guard software keeps everyone in the loop

In a nutshell, the program essentially bridges the gaps between your management, security guards, and clients. It provides a centralized location where everyone can access information, manage work progress, and keep track of all actions.

It aids in the connection of the three critical components of your organization by keeping them in the loop at all times. Let's look at how the three important pillars of your security firm may profit from employing security guard software.


Keep track of things

The managers won’t have to be present physically for supervising their employees’ work. They get handy tools on the software, that allow them to easily assign tasks, track real-time activities of the guards, guide the patrolling team, be connected with the client, and much more.

With geo-tracking features, you can track where your guard went, how he reached there and where did he stop.

Automate minor tasks

Minor tasks like attendance, records, billing among others can be automated using the software, helping you save precious time.

Get instant notifications

You (or your clients) will be notified if any wrong actions are taken on-site, along with the progress of the current service request. Notifications shorten reaction periods and make prioritizing critical activities simple.

Manage multiple locations

If your business operates in multiple areas, you can easily control the work in multiple areas at a time with the remote access feature. This improves productivity and saves a lot of time. Moreover, you get a bird’s eye view of the entire property.


You can provide all the necessary information that your security guards need to complete their tasks. You won’t have to attend a lot of calls to solve their queries, most of it will be taken care of by the software.

Security guards

Security Officers checking a mobile phone.

Remote monitoring

Your guards can use these systems to provide the security service with utmost precision that, in some cases, even physical security guards cannot provide. This is what we call a virtual guard or a remote guard service. Virtual guarding services allow for constant surveillance of a premise, without the security personnel being physically present at the site. However, since the monitoring is happening in real-time, the remote team can respond to any events or emergencies quickly and efficiently. Without the right security system and software, offering remote guard services is next to impossible.

Automated records

With a guard management software, your security guards don't need to make records of the visitors manually. The automated system can use QR codes to easily identify the visitors. All this data is stored in a database that can be accessed at any given time.

Easily detect suspicious activity remotely

The system sends real-time alerts whenever it detects any malpractices. You also get access to a huge database to refer to before taking any action regarding suspicious visitors or vehicles. Crime prevention becomes easy with these smart security solutions.

Reporting any incident on the field becomes easier and more efficient. Remote guards can simply take a picture and report it.

The client

Client tracking performance remotely

Clients will get status reports and other notifications while they are using your service. They get a chance to keep an eye on your security team from afar. They can judge the performance and easily rate the services on the software.


The only requirement for managing your security team remotely is equipping your team with the devices and the software.

Most software available today offer a mobile application that your guards can download on their devices. These applications are very user-friendly and don’t require your employees to be very tech-savvy to use them.


Doing things remotely is the new normal and it is also very efficient. Being physically present reduces how much you can do at a given time. Software that helps you to work remotely lets you monitor all the activities that are happening, in real-time. With this technology surveillance tasks can be easily handled. Virtual guard services assure precision, safety, and protection from theft. Remote guarding services also prove to be more cost-effective in the long run.