We have released new features for Dispatch alerts and custom statuses and Record Flags. These features are available in the web-app and pending release in the mobile app stores.

Dispatch Audible Alerts

When a Dispatch is marked "Action Needed" the on-duty security or patrol officer needs to receive audible alerts. We have added an icon on the Dispatch screen that allows a User to turn on audible alerts for the device they are currently using.

Dispatch Notification button showing different possible settings.

Dispatch Statuses

We have a new feature that allows Users to set a "status" of a Dispatch that is pending action.

Service Call screen with status buttons.

An Organization can customize these Dispatch Statuses here: https://app.therms.io/dispatch/settings

These statuses can be customized to fit your operations specific needs. We have provided defaults such as "Acknowledged", "In-Route", "On-Site", etc..

If you wish to NOT use Dispatch Statuses in your organization account, simply delete all of the provided defaults.

Dispatch Status config.

Record Flags

You can add "flags" to specific Records in your account. A Record Flag is defined with a color and name. These flags are intended to be useful for visually notifying a User of a specific status or safety alert.

Custom Record Flags with and without expiration time.
Add Record Flag modal.

These Record Flags can be customized also to fit your organization's operational needs. A User with the permissions to edit Record module settings can navigate here: https://app.therms.io/records/settings/

Record flags configuration