For the past two years we have been building the next version of our software from the ground up and on December 7th, 2022 we were finally ready to publicly release Infinity to you guys. We are hard at work migrating existing accounts so we can have everybody on board this new system. We are thrilled to have reached this milestone and very excited about what is to come. Now that we finished integrating all the core THERMS functionality into Infinity we can focus on developing new awesome features that wouldn't have been possible with the old system. We can't tell you much about them just now but, one thing we can say is that we are working on a new Scheduling module that is much more intuitive and feature-rich than the one we currently have. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Whether you have been with us from the beginning or you are just setting up your account, we want to thank you for your support, ideas, and bug reports. We wouldn't have been where we are now without you.

From all the people that make THERMS happen, we wanted to wish you the best for this upcoming year!