In the security industry, whether the client stays with you or not depends on the performance of your security guards. It doesn’t matter if you have ten security guards or 100; if your guards are not performing well, you lose the client. This is why security guard tracking and monitoring play a very important role.

A traditional system of scheduling and then entering the data has been followed by many businesses. However, technology in the security industry is evolving at a faster pace, making it easy to monitor the performance of your security officers.

If you are a private security guard service provider, you have to get better at monitoring the face of your business, that is, your security guard teams. In any service-based business, the quality of your service decides if your business will be successful or not. One bad review about your guards can ruin your business’s reputation. I am sure you must have given great training to all your guards. In this training, the guards would have certainly learned about the kind of behavior that is expected from them, but are they actually behaving like that? It is your job as the owner or manager to keep an eye on the activities of your squad.

Monitoring a staff of more than 100 employees seems difficult, but it is actually easy if you make use of technology. Let’s learn how you can get better at monitoring your force.

Make Detailed Reports And Analyze Them Carefully

Even though the conventional methods are a bit slow and inefficient, you can still use them. You can prepare a simple schedule for all employees and make a report of the time they started working, hours of their shift, location, and other details.

You can speed up the report-making process if you use a fantastic app to make a report. It is extremely easy to make a detailed report using a software program. It also allows you to make reports that are supported by visuals like graphs, charts, and images.

Only making the report won’t help you. Take some time to read through those reports. Highlight the security guards who are not punctual and are not following the schedule properly. This will help you to skim out the bad security guards from the team. Of course, give them a few warnings first.

Use Security Guard Management Software

Have you ever heard of employee management software? It is used to manage the employees in an organization. There are software programs that are tailor-made for the security industry. It helps security guard services to manage their guards, track their performance and monitor them in real-time.

The biggest advantage of the security guard management software programs is that it enables remote monitoring of your security guards. Big companies who operate in different locations can easily monitor their whole workforce from a single computer in an office.

These systems can also be used on mobile devices and are very user-friendly, making it easy for a security officer to get access to the system. It has many features that make it the most efficient way of managing security guards.

Following are some features that will help you with monitoring all security operations.

Real-time information

Thanks to the internet and cloud computing, you can get real-time information about your guards. Imagine you get a complaint from a client that your guard has not arrived. With a traditional system, you will have to contact your guard and ask him about the issue and then revert back to the client. In case there is an accident, you will have to call and check if other guards are available. With a software program like guard management software, things become easy. Let's see how.

First, the client can simply send a complaint on the software instead of calling the manager. The manager will receive notification regarding this. You can see where the guard is with the GPS system. You can send them an alert or notification to reach their location as soon as possible. In the event of an accident, you may easily order a shift change by looking up anyone who is available near the location.

You can also send instructions to your squad at any time, and they will be able to receive those immediately. A faster communication system is essential in the security industry, and security guard management software does it for you effortlessly.

GPS tracking and Geo-Fencing

The GPS tracking system is very useful for keeping an eye on the guards on duty. Managers will get real-time information about the whereabouts of their guards. If the guards are not at the specified location, you can send an automated message to them. Even the client will be able to see how far the guard is and if they are guarding the spot or not on the client portal.

If you are not familiar with geo-fencing, let me explain it in brief. With geo-fencing, you can create a fence or a closed area virtually, and if a mobile device goes outside this area, an alert will be raised. Geo-fencing also uses GPS to track the location of the mobile device.

Automated reports

Even though you can track your employees in real-time, you need the data to make reports. Reports are great for analyzing the performance of your staff. They can also be used as proof to defend yourself when clients raise wrong liability issues. These reports will have all details like the time of duty, the hours of duty, any complaints regarding the service, and much more.

Most importantly, you don’t have to sit and jot down things in a book, the data will be stored automatically and in a well-organized manner. These automated reports are accurate and if you use cloud-based software, you won’t have to worry about losing your data. You can use this data while pitching to the client to show how efficient is your team.


Notifications are so useful. You will always be notified if the security guard is not present for the duty as instructed. Moreover, the guards will also get notifications if they are late or if they have been allotted to a different area.

Remote monitoring

If your company employs this software, they can monitor the security teams from anywhere in the world. This means you can take up more work at the same time and manage all of it efficiently.

Easy reporting

A majority of software programs have their respective mobile apps which makes it easy for employees to access the system, submit reports and queries, and also check all the instructions given by the client and the manager. If there is an accident in the area guarded by your security officers, the officer can easily report it. If the software allows, the guards can even send images along with reports.

You can’t just keep an eye on your employees, you have to also make sure that they get help whenever necessary. If accidents are reported faster, guards can receive help faster. This will help you to take care of the situation before it's too late.

Security Guard Tour System

When your guards go on a security patrol, guard tour software will be of great use. If you are not too fond of GPS, this security guard tour system might be the right choice for you. It is not a completely software-based system, we do need some hardware for it to function. This software utilizes a security guard checkpoint system. Let's see how this system works.

Security guard tour systems will have multiple checkpoints around their patrolling route. It could be on the building or anywhere else. There must be QR codes or NFC tags on these checkpoints that the security guard can scan. Once the code gets scanned, the manager will be able to see that the guards have appeared at a checkpoint on their computer screen. They will also get information on the missed checkpoints. Once the guard arrives at these checkpoints, they can send reports, request SOS or send incident reports using the software program. This is how the guard tour system helps you monitor a security guard that is on patrol duty.

The management must give clear instructions for all places included in these patrol tours and prepare a nice schedule for the whole team. Following that, the guards are assessed/graded on how diligent and punctual they are. If the guards repeatedly overlook particular locations throughout a patrol the managers can have a talk with them and give them a warning to not repeat such behavior. This ensures that the client's facility is appropriately visited and helps to reduce irresponsible patrolling.

Ask Your Supervisors To Make A Field Visit

Management software and a security guard checkpoint system can help you keep track of your employees. However, it is highly recommended that you meet the guards in person at regular intervals. You don’t have to visit the site every day, but once in a while is necessary. You can make a surprise visit to check up on your security guards. If you see your guards misbehaving or not following the company code of conduct, you can take the necessary action then and there. Moreover, your client will believe you are a very responsible firm because you supervise yourself without relying completely on technology.

Also, make sure to appreciate the guards for their dedication and disciplined behavior. A few words of appreciation that acknowledge their work can go a long way in maintaining loyalty toward the company.

Talk To Your Guards

You can have monthly meetings with your staff. It is not a method to monitor your staff but it will help you see your staff in person. If there are any issues that need to be addressed you can take them up in this meeting. If you have received any complaints from the clients, discuss them with the staff and how you intend to resolve them. Make your staff feel included and valued in these in-person meets.

Bottom Line

It is very important that you keep a track of your employee's performance and keep monitoring their activities. You can certainly make use of a traditional register or an excel spreadsheet. However, using technology will make your job easier and more efficient.

There is much excellent software in the market that you can try. Whether you are a small business or a big one, technology can certainly help you deliver the best service to your clients. You should definitely check out the security guard management software and security guard tour monitoring systems to keep an eye on your employees.