We have released the iPhone mobile app version of THERMS.

Therms is a security guard app for managing security operations - patrol, dispatch, incident reports, d.a.r. reporting, site pass down information, communications, and lots more https://www.therms.io

A note about the features

The mobile app does not provide all of the same functionality that is available in the web app. Administrative tasks such as creating Locations, editing email subscribers, managing Users, etc. must be done in the web app. The mobile app features are streamlined for the on-duty officer to read/review duties and info and document/report information related to their work.

As of today, September 1st, we are still working on improvements and adding features to the mobile app to increase the utility of the mobile app in the THERMS software suite. If something is missing that you think is important, please tap the icon on the app home screen, "Bug/Issue" and provide details.

If you have questions, concerns or ideas, please reach out to support@therms.io