In the last week we've pushed a few updates to the web-app. Below is a list of those changes and enhancements.

Plans for April 2020 Release/Updates

We're working away for some big releases in April! Thank you to all the company supervisors/managers/owners who have helped us shape THERMS this far 👍🏼

Mobile Apps Android & iOS

We are beta testing the mobile apps in stages. Several companies have volunteered for this closed track beta testing and we'll be reaching out to those who will be included in the next round of beta testing.

The mobile apps will give extremely reliable GPS tracking and insight into where and what time your officers are on their shifts. The mobile apps are simple, streamlined and right-to-the-point for getting Reports done on shift. We look forward to getting more feedback when they're released later this month.


This is a big one and I know a lot of companies have been waiting for this feature. Scheduling will allow you to build a weekly schedule for your operations, create shift templates, assign your officers to shifts, generate time sheets and much more.

One of the greatest features of the Schedule feature in THERMS will be the automated shift reminders and "pre shift check-ins". I can't tell you how many times I've heard of, or experienced myself, the headaches associated with no-call/no-shows! With "pre shift check-ins", security officers will simply reply to a text message or acknowledge an alert in the THERMS mobile app signaling that they are aware of and will be arriving on time to their shift. This is similar to TSA online check-ins if you are flying somewhere.

Keep an eye out for this new feature coming in April!

April 3rd release updates and details:

Bulletin Board

  • Some UI changes were made for look and feel to both the Bulletin and comments
  • Comments can now comment on other comments for nested conversations in a Bulletin thread


  • Email log was added for Location subscribers so that you can audit when an email for a Report was sent and if the Location subscriber read the email or even if it failed to be delivered


  • Mail UI was changed for a better look and feel


  • Date & Time formatting is configurable for 24hr or 12hr clock - this is located under Admin > Settings
  • Formatting of the Username in your account can be changed, ie: Cory, R. or Cory Robinson or C.Robinson  - this is located under Admin > Settings


  • When editing or reviewing a Report, the Report Entries show the created/updated time and User information