In the last few weeks we've pushed a handful of changes to THERMS web-app. This list is a brief outline of what has been added. If you have any questions or need assistance reach out to us by emailing

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Client Portal (Dashboard)

  • Many updates have been made to the look-and-feel & formatting of the client "Portal" dashboard


  • Pass Downs card was added to the dashboard screen - it's helpful to your staff to be aware of important information Locations they are working at (encourage your users to create/check Pass Downs)
  • New "Duty Mode" dashboard feature for showing relevant information to the User that is on-duty such as current In-Progress Reports, Locations for that User's In-Progress Reports with BOLOs & Pass Downs & quick look-up for Vehicle/Person/Property Records


  • Autocomplete from Google address service when adding Location addresses
  • A Location screen shows active BOLOs, Pass Downs & Pending Dispatch at the top so that Users can quickly identify important information
  • Location Report Audit feature for pulling a list of all Reports for a Location and date range was added - this can be found under the dropdown in the top-right of the Locations list screen

Mobile Android & iOS Apps

We're getting closer to shipping the mobile Android and iOS apps to the app stores! If your organization is interested in helping with beta testing

Pricing & Subscriptions

The public THERMS website pricing page has been updated to reflect future pricing for organization subscriptions:

Pricing plans will take effect April 1st - please email if you have any questions or concerns.


  • Fields that have a dropdown/select can now add custom input/tags ie: vehicle color, User's can add custom a color
  • Records are attached at the end of a Report PDF that is downloaded or emailed


  • Custom Report Entries that have locked internal fields show "Internal Field" next to the label for a reminder Users
  • Emailing a Report shows the Location Subscribers list with autocomplete and also autocomplete for all email addresses in your account


  • The ability to pull a list of "Stats" for a Location and date range was added
  • "Stats" can be downloaded or printed

QR Codes

  • Under each Location settings screen, you can turn on QR Codes and create a list of QR Codes to be printed for that Location
  • QR Codes can be scanned in Reports with a mobile phone camera and will be listed as a Report Entry with a timestamp and the User name who scanned the code


  • New permissions have been added under User profiles - be sure to check and update User permissions as needed
  • User profiles show a list of that User's Reports for quickly looking up a User's Report history
  • Deactivated Users show a red "*" next to their User name