This tutorial briefly covers how to setup a QR Code for a Location and how to scan them in a Report.

* Users can only scan a QR Code in a Report that is assigned to a Location where the Location has QR Codes setup

Steps to Setup QR Codes for a Location

  1. Navigate to a specific Location
  2. Select "Info" > "QR Codes" tabs (If you do not see "QR Codes" tab, edit the Location and turn on QR Codes in the settings)
  3. Press "Add QR Code"
  4. Enter the information for the QR Code
  5. Print and laminate the QR Code

Scanning QR Codes in Reports

  1. Create any Report Type that allows a Location assignment
  2. Select the Location you have setup QR Codes under
  3. On the Report screen a button will appear "Scan QR" under the Location name
Report details close up showing Scan QR button.