THERMS offers a special search syntax for searching information in THERMS Reports, Dispatches, & Records .

This search syntax can be used in the search boxes for Reports, Records & Dispatch when searching for information.

Custom Querying

The following special characters can be used to improve your search results.

! ~ ^ *

!honda Exclude keyword - do not return results with this keyword.

~vehicle Fuzzy search - search for misspelled keywords. This example search will return results that contain "vehical", "vehicel", "vehicul", etc.

^accid Starts with - search for keywords that start with the text "accid". This example search will return results that contain text that start with the characters, for example: "accident", "accidental", "accidant", etc.

acc*t Wildcard characters - search for keywords that match the text and any character in place of the asterisks. This example search will return results that contain any characters in place of the * for example: "accident" where 'ident' is replacing the * character in the search text.

"honda accord" Group keywords - search for records that contain all keywords. When using a word or group of words inside parenthesis the search will only return records that contain all keywords within the parenthesis.

Note: a search can include multiple uses of each custom query syntax.

Example Searches

Search for Vehicle Records

  • that are "Honda"
  • with a possible plate number that starts with "ABC2"
  • do not include "civic"

honda abc2* !civic

Search for Person Records

  • name that sounds like "Mike" or some possible aliases

~mike ~michael ~miguel ~mikey

Common Issues

The search syntax is limited to only 1 special search symbol per keyword and cannot be used together.

Note: You cannot mix search syntax in the same keyword

BAD: "^accid*t"  

GOOD:  "^accid accid*t"