Every security firm or organization needs suitable and effective procedures for keeping its clients safe. Similarly, law enforcement agencies also need modern procedures and devices to ensure public safety. While two-way radios remain quick and dependable for security, they do, however, have drawbacks. They can be quite restricted tools in our digital age, and communication isn't always straightforward. Using such devices and following only outdated manual procedures by security guards and trusted public safety officials has resulted in a number of issues and exposed many establishments and public safety to risks and threats.

Thus, security companies or public safety agencies must understand the significance of mobile patrols if they want to add a new layer of efficiency to security. It is quite advantageous to have mobile patrols because they enhance security manifolds. And for carrying out proper mobile patrolling, a mobile patrol app becomes crucial.

Thousands of  agencies and security personnel are now making the decision of whether or not to use mobile patrol apps to facilitate coordination and communication between patrols, security units, and offices. While some continue to use conventional two-way radios, others have already switched entirely to mobile device apps made available by different platforms.

Security guard doing patrol

Are your security guards utilizing a patrol app yet? If not, they should immediately do so in order to simplify their work. The new advancements made in technology, such as patrol apps, are a huge relief. These apps provide a number of advantages. And this is what we are discussing today in this article- the advantages of a mobile patrol app for security guards.

But first, let's understand what exactly a mobile petrol app is all about and how it works.

What is a Mobile Patrol App?

Security guard using Mobile Patrol App

As a security company, you must manage multiple client locations and security guards simultaneously. The difficulty of this endeavor can be attributed to the need for security provisions.

Thanks to Android and iOS mobile devices, which have fundamentally altered our way of living, you can use features like GPS, calling, sending a notification every day, and more if you have safety patrol software packages or applications that are available as mobile apps. The capabilities of a mobile-based patrol application cut down on extra work and increase productivity.

A GPS-based tracking system is used by a mobile patrol app, making it one of the most precise tracking systems available, which enables users to determine the real-time whereabouts of every guard. It is a fantastic instrument that can be used in an emergency. Security firms can plan, carry out, oversee, and evaluate mobile patrols at specific locations thanks to mobile patrol apps. Additionally, it provides tracking and monitoring capabilities that aid in guaranteeing constant patrols.

The increase in security risks and dangers at major centers necessitates improved patrols. A mobile patrol app facilitates this by giving security service providers total control over movement at patrol properties.

It increases the effectiveness of patrol operations while reducing incidents- two essential factors that any organization would take into account while vetting security guard service providers. So, if your company is forward-thinking and wants to stay ahead of other agencies, it must deploy a mobile patrol app for security guards.

Let's now look at the advantages of using mobile patrol apps for security guards in more detail.

The Advantages of Switching to Mobile Patrol Apps for Security Guards

Security Managers coordinating task force

The emerging mobile patrol apps are equipped with a variety of capabilities, all of which improve the effectiveness and precision of security measures. The numerous advantages of mobile patrol apps are enjoyed by security guards, security agencies, and individual security officers, who are notified immediately if something goes wrong.

Below are the advantages of switching to mobile patrol apps for security guards.

It offers multiple functions

Mobile patrol applications have tools designed specifically for a number of uses. They typically include methods to report suspicious activity right away, get in touch with the police, share crime tips and victim information, scan barcodes or NFC chips for authorization, and more. And that's on top of all the other key features of mobile devices in addition to the app, like making basic calls and recording videos.

Therefore, moving to a mobile public safety app enables security guards as well as local agencies to reduce the number of devices they require and keep a number of crucial tools on a single device.

It is simple for everyone to access.

Mobile patrol applications
Security Guard Mobile Patrol App

Since the bulk of security guard software is web-based, accessibility is constrained. Not everyone owns a PC or laptop with sufficient RAM and processing power to run these software solutions. Everybody now has a smartphone, and thanks to mobile-based applications, everyone can use the technology. Moreover, you don't need to ask the security guards to buy new tools anymore. All they have to do is install the free app from the store to get started. They will also feel more at ease and agile using a platform that is more focused on mobile devices.

It is user-friendly

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Anyone who is given access can utilize the security software and the free app. One need not be a tech expert or put in countless hours of training to comprehend how the app operates. A guard can utilize the web-based solution from a PC, iPad, or mobile phone.

Additionally, the GPS capability makes it simple for them to produce location-specific records, and they can respond quickly to any unauthorized or unanticipated access.

Not Dependent on Auditory Cues

Another drawback of two-way radios and related devices is that they can be quite loud. A person will have to talk out loud to share news and critical alerts with walkie-talkies. On the other hand, using the mobile app, guards can communicate silently with one another or with other team members whenever necessary, like in the case of offender sightings. Smartphones and the apps they support have silent or vibration alert features, enabling almost silent communication when required. Security guards who wish to remain silent while on patrol can use this to easily and silently share important news and information if it seems like the best approach to take.

Provides improved range and timely access to information

Smartphones are great tools for instantly connecting guards with other guards to share important safety information, regardless of whether the security app they're using includes audio communication or whether they decide to use a walkie-talkie or a video chat app. Security guards can easily share relevant safety news and receive timely access to public records through the mobile app whenever required.

These apps are especially helpful on lengthy patrols due to their far greater range compared to two-way radios.

Keeps the guards and administration informed.

All members of the security team and supervisors are kept informed by the patrol app with timely alerts. The managers have real-time access to the operation. Supervisors can instantly find information about security guard patrols and other activities with the help of the web-based guard patrol device, which automatically uploads data to the server upon task completion.

Offers better tracking and reporting.

Security personal monitoring camera feed

The two additional capabilities of mobile patrol apps for security guards can be very beneficial to the security company.

The first involves tracking capabilities that make use of GPS on smartphones. Proper tracking makes it easier to maintain track of the whereabouts of the guards at all times and to preserve thorough records of patrolling and guard activities in case they are required for legal reasons.

Another feature accessible through these apps is fully synchronized reporting and logging. These features enable security officers to go paperless while completing any form of report. And when it comes to documentation, the autocomplete feature and clearly defined menu prompts help to reduce errors while preserving a substantial amount of time.

A report's completion can also trigger an automatic filing, saving, and forwarding to the appropriate sources, ensuring nothing is overlooked. More sophisticated apps also enable customized reporting based on what is necessary for specific states or specific lines of work.

Allows for real-time observation.

Security guard reporting incident from camera feed

Security guard businesses may keep an eye on their staff's whereabouts and make sure no crucial checks are overlooked. As a result, the security procedures at the client site are enhanced. The mobile app makes it simple to keep track of each guard's efficiency and adjust it as necessary.

Officers can find out when the guards reported for duty, where they were, how long they were there, and when their shift finished by switching on the location services and GPS feature. It makes tracking the security personnel's shift timings simpler.

Makes patrol scheduling and planning easier.

Apps for mobile patrols are also made for scheduling and management. It takes little time to build schedules and assign guards to particular tasks. The guards, in turn, automatically receive alerts whenever they are assigned a new task. This eliminates any potential ambiguity and enables immediate action or adjustments when needed.

By using the detailed order settings, security companies can also offer helpful remarks or deliver important safety information for guards, such as particular instructions or client concerns. These may be beneficial in lowering guards' liability while enhancing performance. Guards can add their own messages or reminders when handing off their duties to other guards. This can enhance job performance and general awareness.

These mobile applications can also automatically log security personnel in, track time spent on-site, and record time clocks when necessary to help boost accuracy if the security guards have to track and input time logs. To save time, administrators can also swiftly review and approve a number of reports on their end.

Assists with training.

Clear communication and the capacity to ask for help or direction aid in both training and appropriate behavior. Mobile apps may also provide training options and instructional videos to better acquaint guards with the procedure. This helps new guards grasp reporting standards while lowering their rate of error.

For instance, a mobile app can be used to quickly train a guard for particular scenarios. They can be instructed on a specific plan of action to take in dealing with circumstances like tracking down the trail of missing persons or missing children, dealing with sex offenders, handling a post-hurricane situation, clearing fallen trees from highways, etc.


The benefits of a security guard app are numerous. Technology integration with security has always improved safety, so all security firms should adopt this strategy. You are in a position to respond to the problem fast and efficiently and avoid any incident if you have a fully-featured smartphone app. Consequently, the mobile security patrol app is a wonderful line of defense for security guards as well as law enforcement agencies.