We cannot underestimate the craftiness of wrongdoers. Despite having a full-fledged security team, security breaches can happen. There is no time to waste after the incident occurs.

The security personnel on duty must immediately investigate what happened and where it happened. But they cannot make decisions on their own. All the information has to be relayed to the manager, who decides what needs to be done.

Security incident reporting software helps guards report incidents as fast as possible. But there is more this software can do. Let us look at why security incident reporting software is worth it.

What is security incident reporting software?

Security incident reporting software is a fairly new technology in the security industry. So, there is a possibility that you are still using forms and written reports for incident reporting.

Software for incident reporting will completely transform the way you manage security incidents. You'll be able to get detailed reports with visual aids. Moreover, you'll be notified in real-time, allowing you to take the correct actions. The software uses GPS technology to track the location and time of the incident.

This software also has a client portal. Even the client receives the notification. They can monitor how you are handling the situation on their portal.

Your guards can access this device on smartphones; hence, it is easy for your guards to get notifications, record the incident, and submit a report as soon as possible.

Why Is Having Security Incident Reporting Software Important?

Security Incident Reporting Software Importance

Real-time reporting

How are you notified of the physical security incidents with your current system? Does the guard call you to inform you? It can take precious time for guards to contact you and explain the situation.

The software application will notify you of the incident immediately. You'll get details regarding the incident's location and the guards we positioned there on your screen.

Getting the information on the incident as soon as possible is necessary to take quick corrective actions.

Send help in time

Sometimes more than one guard is needed to resolve the situation. You need to send more help. Finding the guards who are near and available becomes easy with a software program. You get details on every guard's current location with GPS technology. Once you receive the information about the incident, you can immediately post orders to the nearest guards to abandon their position and make way to the location of the incident.

Receiving reinforcements after the situation goes out of control is of no use. With incident reporting software, you'll be able to send help quickly.

Allows guards to make incident reports with photos

No matter how much in-detail you write a report, you will only be making assumptions in the end if you don’t have any visual proof. A report with photos and videos of the incident gives you a clear picture of what happened, and you can do that with the software.

The software also allows your guards to send a voice-recorded report to make the reporting quicker. All your guards have to do is record all the critical details using their mobile devices.

 make incident reports with photos

Challenge False Accusations

A lot of clients accuse security companies if something goes wrong during the event. As a manager, your first responsibility should be protecting your guards instead of giving in to the accusations. Most of the time, companies have to bear the responsibility of the incident because they lack evidence proving their innocence. As compensation, the client can ask for a refund, and such cases also hurt your reputation in the industry.

A good thing about incident reporting software is that it helps your guards prepare detailed reports supported with videos, images, and audio files. You have details related to the guard's location and the incident's time. A detailed report can help you prove that your guards weren't at fault, helping you save yourself from false accusations.

Allows Faster Communication

Once you know the breach has occurred, you need a fast communication system to continuously monitor the situation and relay orders to the on-site guards. Incident reporting software helps you with speedier communication allowing you to take corrective action before the situation goes out of hand.

Instant Notifications

If your guard sends you a report, you'll receive a notification on your side of the software so that you don't miss the incident report they sent.

Similarly, any change of orders you make due to the incident will be notified to the guards on their personal devices so they can get to work immediately.

Save Your Reputation

A solid incident reporting system can help you maintain your reputation in the market. When choosing a security company, people will go with the one with a good reputation, and it only takes one security breach to ruin your reputation.

Often, the haywire security management that follows the breach is what hurts your reputation.

Incident reporting with software is quicker, more accurate, and can help better manage the reported incident.

Gain More Clients

A security guard service that uses powerful management software is always superior to the competition, which uses slow and inaccurate reporting systems.

With the help of a software program, both the managers and the clients get information about security incidents. It helps keep things transparent; hence many clients choose services with software for reporting incidents.

Bottom Line

Technology in the security industry is transforming the way businesses run. Security companies can manage their force in a better and faster way. Technology adds efficiency, accuracy, and speed to the whole process, which improves your performance. Moreover, the client can rest assured by personally monitoring the situation on the software. It also makes it easy for the guards to create reports and provide valid evidence to support their claims. Overall the software makes managing incidents a breeze.