Today we have released a few updates and several minor enhancements & fixes that will mostly go unnoticed in the average user's daily experience.


We have added the ability to search Dispatch logs. You can type phone numbers or any information that would be entered into a Dispatch record.

You can use the same "custom query" syntax in Dispatch that is also available for searching Records and Reports.

Custom Querying

The following special characters can be used to improve your search results.

! ~ ^ *

!hondaExclude keyword - do not return results with this keyword
~vehcleFuzzy search - search for misspelled keyword
^accidStarts with - search for keywords that start with the text
acc*tWildcard characters - search for keywords that match the text and any character in place of the asterisks
"honda accord"Group keywords - search for records that contain all keywords
Dispatches screen seaching for the number "208"


We have added a new permission Can edit other User created Records to the User's permissions list. If a User does not have this permission then they will not be able to edit Records created by other Users.

Record Permission: Can edit other User created Records, is checked.