We have released a new version of the mobile app (v1.6.0) to the app stores. There are minor improvements and bug fixes in this release.

Important: Please let us know if you or anyone on your team is having an issue with the app, we don't always know unless someone speaks up! Details help! We can't diagnose an issue when a User reports "the app doesn't work", we need details! 🚀 👨‍💻

Shout out to Brad @ SR Global 📢 - we've had a dozen iOS Users report that the app crashes and could not reproduce the problem. Brad followed up with detailed steps that helped us quickly resolve the issue over the weekend!

FIXED: iOS crash when taking a photo or rotating the device when in a Report.

FIXED: Android / iOS login issues when logging out then back in.


We have added the ability to switch Regions. On the Dashboard, you can select the user icon in the top left of the screen:

Mobile App's switch region icon highlighted by an arrow.