We're furiously working on the mobile app release so that it's available to all organizations. This is around the corner, standby for the announcement!

We also have been making progress on Scheduling, Shifts, Patrol Routes and a feature for managing Vehicles & Equipment. This features will be coming shortly after the mobile app general release.

This is a summary of the updates that have been released to THERMS today:


  • Open Mail message by clicking on notification without leaving the current screen and also reply/fwd messages (@ American Protection Group 👈)
  • Urgent Mail notifications are shown in red to get the User's attention
  • Allow Mail messages to be deleted (@ Sirko & Associates 👍🏼)


  • Link Records to Locations & other Records (@ Sac Protective 🤘)
  • Improved the UI for Links lists and Comments under a Record


  • Added a new User permission for "Can Add/Edit User Administrative Notes in User Profile" (@ Master Guard ✊🏼)