We have released some new features surrounding Reports.

Add Email Subscriber to any Report Type

Previously, admins could only add an email Subscriber to Reports that were assigned to a Location. We have added the ability for admins to add an email Subscriber for any Report Type.

Setting the email Subscribers can be found under the Location or Reports screen by clicking the drop-down in the top-right and selecting "Email Subscribers". Or, by navigating here: https://app.therms.io/subscribers

In our example below, we have setup an email subscription for our "HR department" to receive important emails for Report Types that are not related to client Locations specifically:

Email Subscriber subcribed to Disciplinary Acitons and Incident Report Types
Note: new permissions have been added under Reports module when editing a User's permissions:
Create & edit email subcribers permission option.

Download Single Report Entry PDF

We have added a download button to Report Entries. This should be useful for companies that have created a custom Parking Violation Report Entry and want to print these Report Entries while on patrol to place on the vehicle.

Animation downloading a single report entry and then opening it.

User Profile Reports

When you navigate to a User's profile screen and select "Reports" tab, you can now filter the Reports for that User.

This makes it easier for managers/admin to find Report Types such as a Disciplinary Action or Staff Peer Evaluation Report assigned to a specific User.

Many companies use THERMS Disciplinary Action and Staff Peer Evaluation to document and track employee performance for pay raises, justifying employment termination, etc..
User Reports filtered by Report Type and By assigned to him.
User Reports filtered by contributed by user.