Reports offer a setting to allow GPS tags in Report Entries. The purpose of a GPS tag in a Report Entry can aid in verification that the User was at a specific location when they created the Report Entry.

This setting must be turned on in the Reports > Settings page:

Region Options, GPS Tag Report Entries is checked
Note: Organizations that have Multi-Region module activated must turn this setting on for each Region in their account

Allowing GPS Location Access

When a User is completing a Report Entry that requires a GPS tag, the User will be presented with a request for permission to share their location:

Allowing GPS Location Access - Notification Images

After the User clicks "Grant Permission", they will be asked by their browser to share their location:

Browser's Locaction Permission prompt

After allowing the location permission, the User's location will be shown in the GPS tag field:

New Report entry form showing User's current location

If a User denies the request to share their location, it will be shown in the GPS tag information after they save the GPS tag:

Tag showing that user denied location permission

Mobile Devices GPS

In some cases a User's device may need to allow location sharing permissions. This is different for Android and iOS.


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Desktop & Laptop Computers GPS

Not all desktop computers and laptops have GPS hardware that is capable of acquiring a User's location. In this case, the User will be shown a message that their GPS accuracy is not within the acceptable threshold to show a GPS location:

GPS Acurracy Warning

If your Organization requires Users to complete Reports on a desktop or laptop that does not have GPS hardware you can purchase ~$10-$25 USB GPS device from any major online retailer (ie: Amazon) which works well on Windows 10.

A User that is on a device or computer that does not have GPS hardware built-in or a USB GPS device will still be allowed to tag a Report Entry with GPS, however, there will be a dimmed "GPS" tag at the top of the Report Entry to indicate the device's low GPS accuracy:

GPS Tag on top of Report Entry
Animation showing a tag with warning and other showing the user's location.