In today's fast-paced world, ensuring the safety and security of assets is paramount for businesses. As a business owner, you need to be aware of different technologies that can help improve your company's overall security operations.

One such cutting-edge solution is a Real Time Security Guard Tour System. But what exactly is it? Simply put, it is an advanced patrol management system that enables real-time monitoring, tracking and reporting of security personnel's activities as they perform their duties.

With features like checkpoint scanning, GPS triangulation, mobile applications and incident reporting capabilities, this innovative technology offers numerous benefits in terms of enhanced safety procedures, improved accountability and better overall resource management.

Understanding Real Time Security Guard Tour Systems

Real time security guard tour systems are defined as digital tools that monitor and document the movements of your security team in real-time, providing thorough surveillance technology to ensure asset protection.

Definition And Basic Features

A real-time security guard tour system is an advanced solution designed to enhance the efficiency and accountability of security personnel, particularly in businesses where maintaining a secure environment is crucial.

Some essential features of a real-time security guard tour system include online monitoring capabilities that provide immediate access to patrol data and allow management teams to track guard performance in real time.

For instance, when a staff member scans a tag placed at specific checkpoints throughout the facility using their mobile device or scanner equipment, this action gets recorded instantly along with the time stamp.

This way business owners can easily evaluate whether their asset protection measures are being followed by employees, preventing any lapses in safety procedures due to lax or unmonitored patrols.

Types Of Guard Tour Systems

Types Of Guard Tour Systems

There are several types of guard tour systems available in the market today. Each system has its own set of unique features and benefits, making it important to choose the right system for your business needs. Here are some common types of guard tour systems:

1. RFID-based Systems: These systems use radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to track security personnel. Employees carry an RFID tag that records their location when they pass by a reader.

2. GPS-based Systems: These systems use GPS technology to track security guards in real-time. This allows you to see the exact location of each guard at any given time.

3. Mobile Application-Based Systems: These systems rely on a mobile application installed on each employee's phone or tablet. The app records check-ins and check-outs at each checkpoint, as well as any incidents that occur during patrols.

4. Beacon-based Systems: These systems use Bluetooth beacon technology to track employee movement within a space or facility.

5. Barcode-based Systems: Similar to RFID, these systems require employees to scan a barcode at checkpoints during their patrol rounds.

Each type of system has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on your business needs and requirements. It is essential to consider which system will work best for your organization before investing in one.

Features Of A Real Time Security Guard Tour System

Real time security guard tour systems offer a range of features that make them essential for business owners concerned about their security. Here are some of the top features to consider:

1. Real-time monitoring: allows you to track and monitor your security guards in real-time, ensuring they are fulfilling their duties and providing you with peace of mind.

2. Checkpoint scanning: checkpoint tags ensure that guards visit specific areas or assets, providing clear evidence that your security protocols are being followed.

3. GPS triangulation: this feature provides real-time location tracking for guards and can alert you if an officer strays from a designated patrol route.

4. Real-time incident reporting: these systems allow officers to report incidents quickly and efficiently, providing you with detailed information on any issues that may arise.

5. Customizable patrols: these systems allow for customizable tours that can be tailored to your specific needs, ensuring maximum coverage in high-risk areas.

6. Mobile-based systems: many real-time guard tour systems are accessible via mobile devices, making it easy for officers to keep up-to-date on important information while on patrol.

7. Web-based systems: these allow remote access to data from anywhere with an internet connection, giving owners more control over their security management system.

8. Integration with other security systems: modern real-time guards tour system can integrate seamlessly with other security-related technology such as CCTV cameras or intruder detection systems.

Real time guard tour systems offer enhanced security capabilities, better communication between staff and management, increased accountability and transparency & more efficient resource management - all leading to improved safety measures in any facility or organization.

How does a Guard Tour System Work?

A guard tour system is a solution used to monitor and track the activities of security personnel in real time during their patrols. You must have seen those checkpoints placed at various places. Guards visit these places at specific intervals. They use a handheld device to scan the checkpoints, recording the time and location of each scan. This data is used for real-time monitoring and reporting. This is especially helpful for security management and auditing purposes.

How Real Time Guard Tour Systems Work

Real-time guard tour systems work by utilizing checkpoint tag scanning and GPS triangulation to track an officer's location, with the data being monitored in real time for incident reporting and security guard management.

Checkpoint Tag Scanning

One of the key features of a real-time security guard tour system is checkpoint tag scanning. This involves placing NFC or QR-code tags at various locations and assets within a facility, which are then scanned by security officers using a mobile device as they conduct their patrols.

The system tracks when and where each tag was scanned, allowing managers to monitor the movements of their officers in real-time and ensuring that all necessary areas are checked regularly.

GPS Triangulation

Real-time security guard tour systems often use GPS triangulation to track the movement of guards as they patrol designated areas. This technology allows the system to determine the exact location of a guard and confirm that they visited specific check-in points.

A good example is Therms, which uses both checkpoint tag scanning and GPS triangulation to track patrols in real-time. In addition, this technology can provide more than just location data; it can also detect any changes in guard movement or direction and send alerts for quick response to potential threats or incidents.

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Real-time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring is one of the key features of a real-time security guard tour system, which allows business owners to track the movement and activities of their guards in real-time.

This feature utilizes GPS triangulation technology to provide location-based information about the guard's movements, giving managers visibility into whether the guards are meeting their patrol schedules or not.

This kind of surveillance technology helps businesses keep tabs on their security operations at all times, enabling them to respond proactively if issues arise during patrols.

Incident Reporting

Real-time security guard tour systems come with robust incident reporting features that provide businesses with detailed documentation of any incidents that occur on their premises.

Benefits Of Real Time Security Guard Tour Systems

Real-time security guard tour systems offer improved accountability, enhanced safety and security measures, better communication and coordination, more efficient resource management, and detailed reports and analytics – learn more about these benefits in the following section.

Improved Accountability And Transparency

One of the key benefits of a real-time security guard tour system is improved accountability and transparency. With a guard tour patrol system, business owners can easily track and monitor the activities of their security guards in real-time.

Through detailed reports and analytics provided by these systems, business owners can identify any potential issues, such as missed tours or access control breaches.

Some examples of these systems include Therms Security Guard Tour System which uses checkpoint tag scanning and GPS triangulation to track patrols in real-time.

Enhanced Security And Safety

One of the most critical benefits of a real-time security guard tour system is enhanced security and safety for your business. Guard tour monitoring systems record and monitor the rounds of employees, such as security guards, to ensure they are covering all designated areas and tour checkpoints at scheduled times on the client site.

This helps detect and deter potential break-ins, vandalism incidents or unauthorized access to sensitive areas.

The GPS tracking and checkpoint scanning features in a real-time guard tour system enable businesses to track employees' movements in real-time remotely. In case of an emergency or safety risk, such as a natural disaster or fire outbreak within business premises, quick response from team members who are closest to the affected area could save lives and property.

Furthermore, routine patrols help identify potential safety hazards that need immediate attention before something goes wrong.

Better Communication And Coordination

Real-time security guard tour systems fundamentally improve communication and coordination among security personnel, management, and clients. Instead of using manual logs or phone calls to update the status of a patrol, real-time monitoring provides continuous updates on the activities of officers in the field.

Managers can view incident reports in real-time through their mobile devices or desktop computers without physically being present at a facility.

For instance, Therms' security officer tour system tracks patrols in real-time by using checkpoint tag scanning and GPS triangulation.

More Efficient Resource Management

A real-time security guard tour system can help businesses to streamline their resources more efficiently. With the ability to monitor and track employees in real time, managers can ensure that guards are following a set patrol route and completing all necessary tasks within the designated timeframe.

This means that businesses can allocate resources more effectively, reducing wasted time and effort. For example, if patrols are taking longer than expected at certain checkpoints or areas of the facility, managers can re-evaluate the schedule and adjust it accordingly.

Therms is one such system that provides end-to-end tracking solutions for efficient resource management while providing intuitive data visualisation tools for better decision-making abilities.

Detailed Reports And Analytics

Detailed Reports And Analytics

Real-time security guard tour systems provide business owners with detailed reports and analytics that offer valuable insights into their security operations.

These systems record the movements and activities of security officers on their rounds, providing important data such as patrol duration, checkpoint scans, and incident response times.

Furthermore, real-time reporting allows for instant notification in case of any unusual or suspicious activity during patrols. This quick response time can prevent or mitigate potentially harmful situations before they escalate.

For example, Therms’ real-time tracking system generates reports on checkpoint scanning times thereby allowing management to establish performance metrics for each officer per shift/day/month/ year as needed.

Real time monitoring is an essential feature that enables business owners to stay updated about their facility's safety in a timely manner.

Features And Types Of Real Time Security Guard Tour Systems

Real-time security guard tour systems come with a range of features, including customizable checkpoints and tours, incident reporting and documentation, integration with other security systems, mobile or web-based interfaces, and much more.

Real-time Tracking And Monitoring

One of the most critical features of a real-time security guard tour system is the ability to track and monitor your guards' patrols in real-time. This means that you can see where your guards are at any given moment and receive alerts if they fail to show up at a particular location on time.

Real-time monitoring allows business owners to have complete visibility over their security operations, providing not only peace of mind but also valuable insights into how their security resources are being utilized.

Customizable Checkpoints And Tours

Real-time security guard tours offer customizable checkpoints and tours that can be tailored to your business needs. Here are some of the benefits of customizable checkpoints and tours:

1. Flexibility: With customizable checkpoints and tours, you can create a solution that is specific to your business requirements.

2. Customizable routes: You have the option to create unique routes for each guard based on the areas they need to cover.

3. Easy updates: You can easily make changes to your patrol routes as your business evolves, ensuring continuous optimization.

4. Increased efficiency: Customizable checkpoints and tours help eliminate unnecessary stops, making patrols more efficient and effective.

5. Better incident response: With customized routes, officers can reach incidents faster and respond to emergencies right away.

6. Enhanced accountability: A detailed record of patrol activity through custom reports ensures accountability among officers.

What is a security guard checkpoint system?

A security guard checkpoint system is a simple way used by security personnel to assure a location’s safety and security. They visit specific places on a regular basis and document their observations by using an electronic reader. This approach helps in maintaining a continuous security presence, holds guards accountable for their duties, and ensures that main areas are properly monitored.

Why are security checkpoints important?

Checkpoints are important for many reasons. They help maintain the safety and well-being of individuals by preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas. They allow security personnel to check who is coming in. They can find people who might cause problems, like criminals or troublemakers. They can also find things that are not allowed in a specific place, like dangerous items. So, checkpoints help make sure only the right people and things get inside.

Incident Reporting And Documentation

Real Time Security Guard Tour Systems offer a comprehensive way to track and manage security guards' activities, including incident reporting and documentation. With these systems, businesses can quickly document incidents as they occur in real-time, ensuring that any issues are addressed promptly.

An effective Real-Time Security Guard Tour System provides detailed reports and analytics capturing essential data for incident response management through online forms ready available via mobile devices at anytime anywhere making it very convenient for security managers.

Integration With Other Security Systems

Real-time security guard tour systems can be integrated with other security systems to enhance overall safety and protection. For example, access control solutions can be integrated into the system, allowing guards to monitor who enters and exits a facility or building.

Additionally, intruder detection systems can also be integrated into the real-time guard tour system, providing alerts of potential threats that require immediate attention.

Mobile-based Systems

Mobile-based systems are an essential feature of real-time security guard tour systems. These systems include software applications that can be installed on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to track security patrols in real-time.

Mobile-based Systems

Additionally, they enable supervisors to monitor staff performance more closely by generating detailed activity reports that highlight areas for improvement.

Web-based Systems

A real-time guard tour software is available in various forms, including web-based systems. These types of systems involve managing a guard or patrol through a browser and the internet, rather than an on-premise system.

They make it simple for managers to view activity from any location with an internet connection.

Hybrid Systems

Hybrid security guard tour systems are a combination of different types of systems that offer end-to-end coverage. This type of system can be web-based, mobile-based or even an amalgamation of both to provide comprehensive coverage for businesses.

The integration with other security technologies such as access control solutions ensures maximum safety procedures are in place, improving overall facility security operations.


Investing in a cloud guard tour system is an effective way to ensure the safety and protection of your business assets. These systems provide reliable tracking, monitoring and incident reporting to improve accountability, transparency, efficiency and resource management.


1. What is the guard tour patrol system used for?

A guard tour patrol system is used to help companies monitor and track the activities of security guards during their rounds. It ensures they visit the checkpoints and record their patrols.

2. How does guard tour system work?

A guard tour system works by using checkpoints and a handheld device to monitor and record a security guard’s rounds, ensuring timely and accurate patrols.

3. What is guard tour system in security?

A guard tour system is a digital solution that tracks and documents the rounds of security guards. It makes sure thorough and timely inspections are done in designated areas.

4. How many types of patrolling are there in security guard?

There are five types of security guard patrolling:
-Guard tour system
-Traditional Patrol
-Watchman clock
-CCTV system
-AI patrol