Private investigators nowadays bank heavily on technology to stay ahead in their field. With a plethora of databases, search tools and software changing the way these professionals operate, you may be wondering, "What Software Do Private Investigators Use?"

This article will guide you through some of the best resources that have proven effective for modern-day detectives.

Key Takeaways

  • Many Private Investigators use Therms as their preferred software
  • Online search tools like Google and social media platforms are also essential resources for private investigators to gather valuable information.

Therms - The Preferred Private Investigator Software

Private Investigator Software

Therms stands as the premier software solution for private investigators, offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline operations and enhance productivity. With Therms, investigators can manage site post orders, BOLOs, pass downs, and more under its 'Locations' feature. The 'Reports' feature allows users to create detailed reports, including D.A.R, incidents, arrests, and patrol visit reports. Therms also offers a GPS feature, providing real-time tracking of team members, enhancing accountability and operational efficiency.

Dispatching is made easy with Therms, allowing for the logging and assignment of calls, reducing response time and increasing accountability. The software also includes a 'Records' feature, enabling the creation of a database of known people, properties, and vehicles. The 'Client Portal' feature updates clients in real-time, improving communication and transparency.

Moreover, Therms is optimized for mobile use, making it perfect for on-the-go investigators. It also includes features like QR/NFC tags for location check-ins, sub-locations for better management of large locations, and tasks for job duty assignment and tracking.

In essence, Therms is a one-stop solution for private investigators, providing all the necessary tools for efficient and effective operations. Whether it's managing locations, creating reports, tracking GPS locations, or dispatching calls, Therms has got it covered.

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Online Search Tools and Free Resources

Private investigators rely on a variety of online search tools and free resources to gather valuable information for their cases.


Google is an essential online search tool that private investigators rely on to gather information and conduct open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigations. With its vast index of websites, process servers, news articles, public records, and more, Google provides access to a wealth of information at the click of a button.

Private investigators can use Google to find social media profiles, photos, contact details, and other valuable leads that help them in their investigative work. Moreover, they can leverage advanced search operators and filters to narrow down their search results and uncover specific pieces of information.

While there are specialized databases available for investigation purposes, Google remains a go-to resource due to its expansive reach and accessibility.

Social Media

Private investigators recognize the immense value of social media platforms when conducting investigations. Social media provides a wealth of publicly available information that can be crucial in gathering evidence, identifying connections, and tracking individuals.

Investigators utilize various tools to search and monitor these platforms effectively. By leveraging online search tools tailored for social media investigation, private investigators can dig deep into profiles, uncover deleted posts or comments, track location data, and even detect fake accounts or aliases where people upload images to throw investigators off their trail.

With advancements in technology, social media has become an indispensable resource for private investigators looking to uncover valuable clues and insights about their subjects' activities and associations.

In addition to traditional online search engines like Google, private investigators often utilize specialized software applications designed specifically for social media investigations.

These tools allow them to streamline the process of collecting information from multiple platforms simultaneously while providing advanced filters and analytics capabilities to help make sense of large volumes of data quickly.

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a valuable online search tool for private investigators. It allows them to access archived web pages, images, videos, and other digital content from the past.

With its vast collection of data dating back years, investigators can uncover valuable information that may have been deleted or removed from public view. This resource is particularly useful when conducting background checks or gathering evidence for a case.

The Internet Archive offers free access to its archives and provides an invaluable resource for private investigators looking to dig deeper into their investigations.

Geo Data Tool

Geo Data Tool is a valuable online search tool that private investigators use to gather essential information for their investigations. This software allows investigators to access geolocation data, including GPS coordinates, property records, and other location-based details.

With Geo Data Tool, investigators can easily track individuals or assets and uncover important connections between places and people. By leveraging the power of this tool, private investigators gain crucial insights into their cases, helping them solve mysteries quickly and efficiently.


In conclusion, private investigators rely on a variety of software and tools, like Therms, to enhance their investigative work.

Additionally, online search tools such as Google and social media platforms play a crucial role in their investigations. With the advancement of technology, private investigators have access to cutting-edge tools that allow for more effective and streamlined operations.


1. What software do private investigators typically use?

Private investigators often use a variety of software tools to aid in their investigations, including database search software, surveillance software, GPS tracking software, and forensic analysis software.

The legality of the software solutions used by private detectives depends on the specific jurisdiction and how it is being used, like for in-person or online investigations. It is important for private investigators to comply with all applicable laws and regulations when using any type of investigative software, even its only app use in order to prevent something like identity theft.

3. Can I purchase or access the same software that private investigators use?

Some types of investigative software may be available for purchase by individuals, businesses, or interested parties, while others may be restricted to licensed investigators or law enforcement agencies. It is important to research and understand any legal restrictions before attempting to acquire or use such software.

4. How does investigative software help in private investigations?

Investigative software provides tools and resources that assist a licensed private investigator in gathering information, conducting surveillance operations, analyzing data, managing case details, and organizing evidence. These tools can greatly enhance efficiency and effectiveness in conducting investigations.