What Is A Security Guard Management Software?

Security guard management software is a web-based tool used to track and monitor security operations. It decreases the workload of a security company by streamlining all the key operations. Managers can easily plan, assign, schedule, and monitor security operations through this software.

What Are The Features Of A Security Guard Management Software?

The following are the features of a typical security guard management software:

Cloud-based software

This means that the software can be run from any location, and all you need is an internet connection. It helps security supervisors and managers to store all the patrolling data at a central place called the guard tour monitoring system.

The guard tour tracking software gauges the activities and movements of the guards and stores digital files. The data can be transferred easily through a cloud system via GPRS/3G/4G/ Wi-Fi in real-time.

Quick reporting

A security guard company software generates automatic custom reports and thus eliminates the need to write down everything on paper.

User friendly

A person with less computer knowledge can also operate a security guard management software due to its easy interface. It can be easily accessed from a computer, laptop, and even mobile devices.


The software relieves the administrative staff from time-consuming activities like attending phone calls, filing complaints, submitting reports to officers, and so on. the security guard companies need not hire additional staff for such work and hence reduces their business costs.

Control and supervision

Security guard companies can receive live notifications of the security operations like the check-in time, exit time, and total work hours in a day through such user-friendly software. You can track incident reports on a real-time basis and send them to the concerned personnel quickly.

GPS tracking

GPS technology is of great use for security guard companies. GPS tracking offers the entire picture of a site where one can see how the security guards are spending their time on site.


This technology helps raise an alert in case the guard misses any checkpoints during patrolling.

These features are necessary but not sufficient to satisfy customers and clients. In modern times, you need real-time access to all the information.

This can be achieved by integrating a live dashboard into the existing management system. The right dashboard can help the security guard industry provide timely and accurate security guard services.

Why You Need A Live Dashboard?

Security guards are the core pillars of a security company which keeps your business going by meeting the security needs of the clients and customers. The success and failure of such companies depend on how well the security guards are performing their duties.

If they fail to deliver results, then it can negatively affect your business and ruin your reputation. Thus, you need a tool or a software system that can help you establish a strong, reliable, and accountable workforce.

Security Guard Dashboard

A live dashboard is like a wall or board that shows everything happening in your organization in a moment. A live dashboard reflects all the data in a visual format. It shows data related to guards patrolling, sites visited, missed checkpoints, client requests, and so on.

With real-time metrics, one can quickly act in case of an emergency, stop an undesirable act, and deploy the security team at the right time at the site.

Thus, one can make a comprehensive strategy to tackle an issue and make more sound decisions. Also, it paves the way for error-free patrolling and improves the performance of the business.

A live dashboard can provide security agencies with the following key benefits:

Total visibility of business

With a live dashboard, you'll get to know what's happening inside your company and how your security teams are doing their work.

For instance, you can closely monitor guard tours in case of any incident, find the reason behind mishaps, and fix them as soon as possible. The date and time of such incidents can be recorded, and incident reports can be generated and distributed to important stakeholders.

total visibility of business
Total visibility of business

The live dashboard eliminates the need to continuously log in to the email system and check for every update.

Improved results

Improved results

Nothing can be better than seeing your performance live 24/7. Live dashboards help in better task management. The dashboards indicate the success and failure indicators. A green arrow facing up means your guards are doing well and the client is happy, while a red arrow facing down means guards have missed out on something and the clients are not satisfied.

Better communication

Better communication

A live dashboard keeps you updated and informed. It helps to establish strong communication between various stakeholders like the officers, supervisors, managers, security guards, and clients. For instance, alerts can be raised during an emergency, and guards can be given clear instructions about their work and site tours.

Save time

Save Time

With live dashboards integrated into your security software, your employees don't have to spend time creating reports in Excel.

Manage client portal

Manage client portal
Manage client portal

Nothing can be more important than ensuring client satisfaction. Client portal integration into the security guard management system software enables security providers to offer better client services. Clients can easily access information about everything taking place on their site. Thus, they don't need to call your company for every alert and update.

Mobile device accessibility

These days most dashboards are programmed to function smoothly on any mobile device. Mobile devices allow easy management of security operations.

You can create a security guard app and also a mobile app for the clients. This can help you in providing security services more effectively. Such a mobile app can be downloaded from the google play store.

The following are the benefits of mobile applications-

Security guards
  • They can easily check their schedules on the mobile patrol app.
  • They can be automatically notified about post orders and site tours.
  • Check-in and check-out of the post site become a lot more convenient.
  • A time clock does away with the need to carry mobile devices everywhere.
  • They can quickly submit reports to their supervisors.

Security guard company

Security guard company
  • Using a mobile app they can access and manage the profiles of clients and guards.
  • They can collaborate with the security teams on a real-time basis.
  • They can mark the attendance of security guards.
  • They can easily approve multiple reports sent by the guards.
  • Store digital files in one central place and access them anytime and anywhere.
  • They can view the tracking history of the guards and look closely at their post sites visits.


  • Clients can check the progress of security operations at their site and receive updates and notifications.

The best apps are those that provide stand-alone solutions to all the problems. A mobile patrol app can increase the productivity of guards and the operational efficiency of the business.

Wrapping it up

Live dashboards are the best way to hold security guards accountable for reaching the site late and delaying patrol tours. It creates transparency and increases the credibility of the business. Using live dashboards, the security company can send SOS alerts and reports instantaneously and keep the security team always informed and updated. It reduces the company's stress as all the security process is streamlined and automated.

All told, a live dashboard can be a game-changer for security agencies and help them deliver security services as per client requirements and expectations.