With 2020 soon coming to an end we wanted to take a moment and say thanks to everyone of you who have been using THERMS! For many of us, this year has been a challenging one and we hope we helped keep your operations running smoothly through it.

We aim to make THERMS your one stop service to cover all your needs as a security organization. We have a lot of improvements planned to reach that goal and we thought you might be interested on hearing on some of the stuff that's coming down the pipeline.

Scheduling & Timekeeping

A while ago we released Scheduling as a beta feature and the feedback we have been getting from you guys has been immensely helpful. We have been hard at work polishing the feature and it's currently our top priority. Soon you will be able to manage your staff shifts and duty status seamlessly inside our apps.

GPS & Location Tracking

Our GPS features are currently limited to Report Entries and we have received a lot of feedback and requests for other areas of our apps that would improve the accountability of your security team with the help of GPS and Location Tracking. We are going to focus on several improvements and additions to GPS features in THERMS to give supervisors, managers and owners the information they need to be confident in their team's whereabouts.

Notifications & Alerts

We want our users to always be on top of any unforeseen situation that may arise. We plan to add a fully integrated notification system that aims to reduce response times and communication noise in your organization. Notifications on User's phones and desktop/laptop machines to be alerted of the information that is important for your job.

Redesigned Look and Feel

We have made a LOT of improvements through this year and it was about time we sat down and figured the best way to present this tools in a modern and, more importantly, easy to use package. Expect to see:

  • A layout that takes more advantage of different screen sizes
  • A more intuitive look that makes it easier to know where everything is
  • Module reorganization to reduce unnecessary navigation for common tasks
  • Updated color palette
  • Dark & Light Theme

In the process of redesigning our apps we will also be setting up the ground work to add support for the more ambitious features we have planned, but that's something we expect to tell you more about later down the road.

Ultimately, our software is only good if you it find it useful, so, we thank you for your invaluable feedback. Feel free to keep dropping suggestions to support@therms.io, we'll keep working on them.

We wish you the best in the coming 2021, stay healthy, stay safe people!