We have a deployed a new release with features, enhancements and improvements to THERMS. Below is a brief outline of what was included in this release.

We are also still in the process of working on the mobile apps for Android & iOS which are on track for this spring 2020. Also, in the next few releases we expect to have QR Code scanning, Scheduling, Shifts & Duty Status and Vehicle Patrol mode completed.

If you would like more information or have thoughts or ideas for more improvements, please let us know support@therms.io.

Enhancements & Features


  • Added a "Create BOLO" button shortcut to the BOLO card on the Dashboard
  • Added a "Create Record" button shortcut to the Records card on the Dashboard
  • The Records card on the Dashboard will now only display the last 10 Records created or updated for the last week.


  • Service Calls form for clearing the call now allows the User to add Activity Types, link Records and attach files/images to the disposition.


  • GPS Tagging If your Organization has the beta feature turned on in Report > Settings page, you will notice a new GPS Tagging Input on Report Entries that use GPS Tagging. Thanks for the feedback to all the Admin/Managers who reported issues or quarks - these have all been addressed and fixed. www.therms.io/user-gps-tags-in-reports
  • Lock Reports This is a new feature and setting to lock a Report after it's been completed.  www.therms.io/lock-reports-after-completion
  • Dispatch Service Calls that are attached to Report Entries now only have the pertinent information about the incoming Dispatch call. The only information shown in the Service Call Report Entry is the caller name, call time, arrived time, cleared time and disposition text.


  • Active BOLO & Pass Down count is now shown on the Location tab bar as well as on the Location card when you hover your cursor over a Location's name text. Also, in Reports that have a Location selected, there are 2 small icons that will appear next to a Location name to indicate that there are active BOLOs or Pass Down information.
  • Location BOLOs can now have files/images attached as well as Records.
  • Location Contacts can have a 2nd phone number added to their information.


  • Automatically calculate the age of a Person record when entering their DOB


  • When a User is de-activated they are immediately disconnected from THERMS on any devices they have logged in

Fixes & Improvements


  • Occasionally a Dispatch Service Call "Total Time" calculation would shown an incorrect calculation - this has been fixed


  • A Report Entry Type "Task" in a Report now lets the User select a Task to complete for the Locations assigned to the Report
  • When deleting a Report the screen no longer flashes "Report not found" text
  • Custom built Report Entry Types that have been saved with files/images can now be edited to remove files/images
  • Searching Reports for text in a Dispatch Service call that are linked in a Report Entry now appear in search results
  • Searching Reports for text or a Record that are linked in a Report Entry now show up in search results


  • Android devices bottom navbar no longer cuts off the bottom of THERMS screen/buttons