A patrol is defined as an activity that keeps a watch over a space or area by traveling or walking about it on a regular basis. Patrols are a security guard and security company method used to protect a business and its assets. This allows security officers to examine the area while being watchful and identifying anything out of the ordinary that could pose a threat to the business in the early hours. Security patrols come in a variety of forms and at various times.

Security patrols are crucial and necessary security tasks that each security guard firm should provide. In reality, it is a security guard's first and primary responsibility to always be proactive and watchful. Effective security patrols are critical to increasing the security of the client's site.

Security patrol services include every aspect of assisting you in keeping your property and others assets secure. While you may be aware of the various sorts of security guards available, it is also crucial to investigate how the activities they perform can affect your security plan.

Here we have rounded up everything you need to know about security patrolling.

What Exactly Is Security Patrolling?

Let us begin by defining a security patrol. A patrol entails a security officer working their way around a predetermined perimeter - in this example, your premises—regularly. Its mission is to guarantee that everything is in order, to notice anything unexpected, and to prevent illegal behavior.

The primary goal of security patrolling is to keep a facility and, more especially, the human life and assets safe and secure. The main measure of accomplishing this is through the detection and mitigation of crime, which is accomplished in two ways.

For starters, while a security guard patrols a property, their situational awareness improves. They gain a greater understanding of what is going on on the site at any given time, whether there is any suspicious or unusual activity, and whether there are any weaknesses that need to be addressed. Second, the presence of a security guard helps to discourage illegal conduct. Potential intruders are more likely to choose an easier target if they see the property has a security patrol.

As a result, a security guard protects a company's personnel from attack and harassment, as well as emergencies, toxic items, and other physical hazards. Security guards provide people with a safe place to work or, in some situations, reside.

Similarly, a security guard safeguards a company's assets from robbery, criminal mischief, fire breakouts, floods, jammed doors, and any other means of loss or harm. As a result, they safeguard a company's reputation, industry status, and, eventually, its bottom line.

What Are the Different Types of Patrolling in Security?

Patrols of various sites or facilities may include motorized or foot patrols; the installation of CCTV cameras, sensor/alarm systems, guard shacks, and even drones in some situations. A patrol can be conducted by a single guard or by a team covering a certain region.

Patrol on Foot

Security Officers doing a patrol round in a park

Foot patrol security is just as it sounds. A guard will wander around the premises and remain proactive on foot to look for any problems. This is ideal for buildings where a car cannot be used. Foot patrols can also be tailored to your specific requirements.

A foot patrol guard, for example, may be trained to lock specific entrances at specific times or to unlock them for those who need to enter a building. The guard will also keep an eye out for potential threats, such as a piece of equipment that has been left on, and will assess access points for security vulnerabilities by regularly walking around the premise.

Mobile Patrol

Mobile security patrols, on the other hand, typically involve actual vehicles that are specifically designed to be highly prominent visual deterrents- with an identifiable mark- to those seeking to target a business, such as a car or a motorcycle.

Vehicular patrols are suitable for areas with too much space for an individual to cover on foot, like apartment complexes and huge corporate office complexes, because their vehicles allow them to cover a large amount of terrain quickly.

Mobile patrols are also particularly successful when an immediate response is necessary, such as when an alarm goes off or the CCTV system captures a security breach.

Active Patrolling

Security Camera
Security Camera

Active patrol is when security professionals leave a stationary position regularly to examine the perimeter and surrounding area, assessing the environment and discovering any potential security hazards. If an issue is discovered, active patrols move immediately to bring it under control and ensure that it is reported so that a similar event does not occur again. These patrols are useful at workplaces such as offices since they occur on a regular, more or less on a rota-like basis.

Observation Post Patrol

Observation decks and watchtowers are frequently utilized in regions with significant security needs and a large amount of terrain to cover. A security officer is required to observe from a high vantage point or key stations where he or she can view the entirety of the large site being covered. A foot patrol guard who can respond quickly to signals or messages received by the observer may also be part of an observation post patrol.

Random Patrolling

Random patrol is comparable to active patrol in that it serves the same purpose. The sole difference is that the patrol route and times are completely random, with no discernible pattern. This is done to ensure that criminals cannot watch the patrols and estimate when they will occur to evade them. This makes it harder for criminals to plan a business attack and serves as a stronger deterrent than routine patrols. These random patrols, whether they are on foot or in cars, are unpredictable and can contribute to a drop in crime in the region.

The Cyber Patrol

Security guards can use contemporary as well as modern technology to patrol many regions at the same time. A cyber patrol guard will frequently work in an on-site room with monitors that display live video surveillance feeds. The officer can see if something is wrong by watching the screens. The guard can then swap to foot patrol or dispatch another guard to deal with the security concern in person.

Artificial Intelligence Patrol

Artificial Intelligence Patrol
Security Robots

Specific locations are simply unfit for human patrol. For example, it may be preferable to utilize a robot to patrol a dangerous chemical region rather than send a human in on foot. Robots or drones outfitted with cameras that enable the guard to view what's going on in the area may be used for remote patrols. Any security incidents can then be dealt with appropriately by the guard.

Who Can Opt for Patrol Security Services?

While patrolling security services are often linked with apartment complexes and other residential security, several industries are now investing in these services due to the recent increase in crime rates. Construction sites, hotels, and farming sites frequently require security patrols. When managing a huge venue, event managers will also need these services.

The Benefits of Patrol Security Services

Security Patrol Car

Your company is worth safeguarding, and if you have not yet invested in a security patrol service to keep it secure at all times and prevent security breaches, the following advantages may just persuade you to do so:

Patrol services can assist you in creating a safe working environment.

You may make your whole workplace as safe as possible at all times if you choose a security agency that employs (or trains) accredited, professional, and experienced security personnel. A patrol service would use their training and vigilance to deter and prevent illegal activities from occurring in, on, or around your business property and ensure peace, whether it is the middle of the day or in the middle of the night.

Rapid reaction

Furthermore, security patrol personnel are far more efficient than any other type of security service you may hire for your organization in responding to an incident or threatening scenario. The primary purpose of a security patrol officer is to eliminate any threats quickly and effectively. Whether it's a break-in or a medical issue, an officer can respond and handle the situation in a matter of minutes.

Patrol services can be adapted to your specific requirements.

A good security organization will be able to supply you with exactly what you need, precisely when you need it, whether you seek a patrol service to safeguard your business on a shifting schedule or around the clock to prevent security incidents.

A patrol service will make it their job to protect your business.

A professional patrol service will supply you with guards who can secure your business regardless of its industry or who its clients are, and who can adjust to any given circumstance as needed. So, whether you run a retail store, a hotel, or a restaurant, a dedicated security patrol service will protect you, your staff, your clients, and the business itself at all times.


Hiring security patrol services is the ideal option if you have larger premises or residential properties. A patrol service provides far higher security and is an excellent visible crime deterrent, whether you wish to safeguard your business or home. Most security agencies employ a combination of random, active, and direct patrols. They will collaborate with the company to discover and address any security vulnerabilities. Security guards are professionals in their industries who can advise on the finest sort of security for each unique business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Patrolling an important part of surveillance?

Patrolling adds dynamism to surveillance and helps in constantly monitoring any area for any form of security and safety risks that could arise to prevent any possible threats that these unsafe elements may pose.

How do you patrol in security?

You can patrol security processes using surveillance cameras and systems in place. Moving around and monitoring designated areas is also useful. Modern technology can be used to detect any faultline in security systems.

What is the purpose of patrolling?

Patrolling can help you maintain a seamless security system and prevent any form of criminal or anti-social elements from harming your person or property. It helps in maintaining consistency in the process of patrolling.

What are the methods of patrolling in security?

You can either opt for traditional patrolling methods like by foot or vehicle, or you can use modern methods that integrate surveillance and patrolling technology like drones, surveillance cameras, and tools that provide optimal coverage and real-time monitoring.

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